Gozo Ferry Crossing by night

The trip to Gozo by scheduled ferry that leaves from Cirkewwa, Malta to Mgarr Gozo is never the same.  At times there’s a long queue of cars to get on the ferry specially when there is an event in Gozo, weekends and public holidays or Summer time but waiting time has improved so much recently.  Different seasons also make a difference with clear water in sunny weather or rough sea with waves knocking on the bow of the boat.  Then there’s day which might be crispy clear or cloudy bringing the colour of the sea deep blue. Sunrise and Sunset is always spectacular. But there’s so much to admire during a clear night with the moon shining brilliant white, highlight the lighted structures against the surrounding dark shadows.  Comino, the small island between Malta and Gozo is uninhabited and Saint Mary’s Tower sparkles its grandeur, a majestic sight indeed.