Love rules forever – Christmas 2017

Love rules forever

Again the shining lights about
Light up the dark black clouds above
Again I walk this brilliance without
Yet my love keeps burning inside alive.

I look back when this love began alight
The moment I felt you within so charms
Doubt, fear, selfishness tried to fight
But triumphantly lost with you in my arms

As you flourished before my adoring eyes
The devils never discouraged in their plight
They laid all traps, all tricks they tried
Through thick and thin love always survived.

The devils enjoy their deadly game
Prancing, dancing, founcing and bouncing
Swirling you around I call your name
You’re far away but love continues pounding

We try to reach each other repeatedly
They tear us down, right on our knees
We try to stand, we struggle defeatedly
So powerful yet love’s ablaze with gleaming ease.

They grow exceedingly strong and more
And us more weak until you fade and I’m alone
I am strangled, bare and sore
Only that burning flame of love is vividly known

I look around so many cribs my eyes do dwell
with a loving mum and her baby within I’m Drawn
Their life like mine was fought as well
Scores o’years agone, still love shines brightly on.

10th December 2017

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