For my son at Christmas – 2015

This is the first poem I wrote in Christmas 2015.

Christmas is always special
a time of year to pause
look around you and revel
marvel at the world – applause!

Celebrating the birth of Jesus
is a miracle, twice for me
so special was that Christmas
finding I am a mother to be

Wonder, expectancy, waiting
soon I’ll be a mother to our heir
Christmas for me is amazing
There’s pride and joy in the air

Life brings its own realistic story
not our hopes, dreams or glory
I can fight and do my best
But finally God does the rest

Yet how would my life be
if I did not have my son to see
To cuddle and to love
To know him was more than enough

Still so sure that this miracle
undoubtedly did have a reason
a sense, a purpose, a pinnacle
for the world to gain – mission

Christmas is with us once more
around sparkles and twinkles and joy
seeing Baby Jesus so cuddly in his cot
I thank HIM for giving me my son to enjoy

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