It breaks my heart in tiny pieces to read this article today and see the photos

Why is it that some patients are regarded as heroes and others are treated like this.

I have all sympathy towards all patients but this is inhumane.

Who knows why the mental patient is suffering?  Is it because of genes as many other illnesses?

Is it because of wrong habits brought about like so many other conditions?

Or is it because it was inflicted following a trauma brought on the person through society itself making it our fault that the patient is in that state?  Why don’t we take responsibility and give these patients so much more.  

We have a duty and responsibility not only to make the system better but to give dignity to all patients.  This is a basic human right of each one of us.

So painful.

Source : ‘Hell’ at Mount Carmel: isolated in ‘cell’ with thin mattress and squat toilet (

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