My Ancestory Line

These past days I got involved in tracing my family line

I did go back a couple of generations back but now am challenging myself to go further back as it has gotten intriguing.

I traced back to Angelo Barbara who has been recorded to have been born in 1819 but this is doubtful as Carmelo Barbara, the father of my grandpa was born in 1851 and this makes him 32 years of age which is not plausible at that time even though my father had me at 44 years of age since he married late in life. But that’s a century after!!

As you are guessing, it gets challenging and interesting to track back in time and a win when you finally find information that matches the time line.

So this post, is not closed yet and do hope I am able to piece together more fragmented data so I can get more apt information and hopefully go further back in history.

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