My Barbara Roots

16th December 1984

My Marriage

Born Carmen Barbara and married to Noel Cachia

Married 24 June 1956

Marriage of my Mum and Dad

John Barbara was born on
3 June 1915 and died in Zejtun on 9 January 1988. Catherine Barbara was born on 15th May 1924 in Zejtun and died on 13th May 2005 in Zejtun

My paternal Grandparents

Joseph Barbara (messenger) born on 5 January 1881 in Gudja and died in Zejtun on 11 January 1975. Carmela Tabone was born in Cospicua on
2 December 1884 and died on 15 August 1938. Her father was Emanuele Tabone (Blacksmith) and her mother was Maria Caruana from Zejtun.

Married 9 August 1903
Married 23 November 1913

My maternal grandparents

On my mother’s side, alas I never met them both. Joseph Caruana was born in Kirkop on 26 August 1879 and Rosaria Xerri was born in Zejtun in 1891. My grandpa’s parents were Carlo Caruana from Marsaxlokk and Caterina Bonnici from Zurrieq. My grandma’s parents were Giuzeppe Xerri and Maria Anne Carabot both from Zejtun

My paternal great grandparents

Carmelo Barbara 20 Sep. 1851-
15 Mar. 1933
, who was a driver, lived and died in Gudja. Giovanna Zammit 8 April 18575 Jul. 1941 was daughter of Nobile Petronilla Abdilla from the family line Siculo Arabic family of Abdilla, married 1845 Zurrieq to Giovanni de Zammit . They had 6 children besides Grandpa. Carmela,1878-1948, married to Fedele Spiteri born in 1874, Teresa 1883-1947, Fortunato 1885-1962, Maria Assunta 1890-1974 married to Gaetano Sacco and Peter Barbara born in 1896 and married to Josephine Giapara born in 1900.

Married 5 September 1875
Married 9th June 1833

Marriage of Angelo Barbara to Giuseppa Saliba

Angelo Barbara 18 Dec. 1819-1899 and Giuseppa Saliba born in <1823> married in Gudja in 1833-06-09. This is questionable and makes this family line either right or wrong as Giuseppa would have been only 10 years. But I have found this record in many family trees of relatives and also in records. They had four children. Besides Carmelo, there were Maria Barbara who married Federico Darmanin on 13 September 1857, Grazia Barbara, 11 November 184513 April 1926, who married Gaetano Sacco on
4 June 1870 and Teresa Barbara who married Salvatore Mifsud on 18 September 1864. One must note Maria Barbara who married much earlier than the other 3 siblings.

The marriage certificate has been found at Gudja but not the birth certificate.

Giuseppa’s parents were Gaetano and Francesca and Grazia had children named Gaetano and Francesca. One must mention that her husband was Gaetano Sacco too.

In all family trees I only found information on Carmelo’s family and Grazia’s family. However most of the family trees were done by Sacco family. Maria Assumpta, my grandfather’s sister, married Gaetano Sacco who was the son of Grazia, first cousins and they had 11 children.

Marriage of Giuseppe Barbara to Caterina Zammit

No records are found of any siblings of Angelo. From here onwards, it is being assumed that the line continues even though the documented birth dates of Angelo and Giuseppa do not tally with their marriage. It is to be noted that the baptism document could not be found but the marriage document is recorded. On this document, it is recorded that Angelo’s parents were Giuseppe Barbara and Caterina Zammit, daughter of Tommaso and Teresa.

Giuseppe’s siblings were Maria Barbara married to Leonardo Agius on 13th October 1795, Michele Barbara married to Caterina Agius on 27th April 1800, Lucio Barbara married to Anna Zammit on 14th October 1806, Grazia Barbara married to Salvatore Caruana on 30th September 1810, Lorenza Barbara married to Giuseppe Caruana on 12 January 1813, Lorenzo Barbara married to Francesca Dalli on 25th April 1820 and Nicola Barbara married to Grazia Schembri on 29th January 1822.

19th January 1802
29th June 1775

Marriage of Giovanni Barbara to Caterina Zammit

Caterina Zammit, daughter of Giuseppe Zammit, married 1750 Gudja to Lorenza Calleja was of the line Siculo Arabic family of Zammit and by marriage Nobile Milite Zamit bin Jafar Kalbid, (1310-), married  House of Zammit. from the line of Emirates of Sicily and Malta. Giovanni’s siblings were Maria Barbara married to Giuseppe Saliba on 1st October 1775, Lorenzo Barbara married to Paola Dalli on 2nd February 1779, Liberata Barbara married to Giovanni Saliba on 11th February 1781 and Teresa Barbara married to Giovanni Caruana on 1st June 1784.

Nicola Barbara to Caterina Vella

Nicola married again on 13th June 1787 to Victoria Attard. These are his siblings, Maria Barbara married to Giovanni Hellul on 2nd August 1733 and then married again to Giovanni Dalli on 7th January 1742 and Gio Maria Barbara married to Caterina Mizzi on 17th January 1738.

14th January 1739
28th April 1708

Marriage of Giuseppe Barbara Mallia with Anna Abela Magro

Giuseppe married again to Veneranda Pace on 21st January 1723. He had two siblings, Simone who married Maria Tabone on 19th October 1698 and Eufemia Barbara who was married also on 28th April 1708 to Angelo Abela.

Marriage of Petruzzio to Caterina Mallia

Petruzzio married again and his second wife was Domenica Caruana. They go married on 16th August 1712.

21st August 1677
5th May 1652

Marriage of Grazio to Maruzza Bonavia

Grazio Barbara is documented that he was born in 1593.

Marriage of Gio Paolo to Marietta Zammit

He was married again to Caterina Camenzuli on 6th October 1591 who was the mother of Grazio. He then married again to Gioannela in 1595. He was born possibly in 1560 and died in 1652.

20th January 1582
10th August 1558

Pietro Barbara (documented Barbari) married to Bernarda Cascun

He is documented that he was born in 1535.   (a possible relative of Vincenzo Cartusio Barbara),  married 1558 Birgu to Bernarda Cascun sives Gascun or Guascone, (daughter of Stefano and Dianora of Rhodes Island – See Notary act 1554 by Notary Angelo Bartolo) – Barbara 1 (

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