Ian’s Birthday – 5th June 2020

Ian’s Birthday – 5th June 2020

Sitting on a sofa
Tears down my eyes
who would have thought-a
amam has still her cries

Days pass, weeks too
Years follow through
Mum’s still here with you
In her mind and heart too.

Time changes altogether
Habits can now be past
Seasons change the weather
But mam’s love remains at heart

The void you left my dear
is filled with so much pain
The noise that disappeared
Sings loudly in my brain

Many might be frowning
So many things have changed
Who is this loving mama
Still whining for her bred?

This is a mam filled with love
That in her heart forever wove
She sees the world with other passion
and feels all souls with more compassion.

It is the life that I choose to live
No scorns or scoffs for me please
Enjoy your life as it turns out to weave
Cheers to my dearest Ian who rests in peace

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