Happy Birthday IAN – 2021

Happy Birthday IAN – 2021

Today is a time to remember
when mother’s love sprung into my life
the day when I held my son Ian, my eyeopener
that led me to my truthful inner strife

a love that has been so innocently flourished
a mother’s infinite love naively nourished
pure and so simple, so far away
from unkindness and any disarray

Mother’s love endured pain and dismay
thrived over unknown challenges and despair
but never betrayed its flowing cascade
the rush of motherly instinct in any way

Love grew, blossomed and multiplied
with turbulend times more amplified
but steadily love matured and deppened
as much were the hassles, the more was it seasoned.

No matter when love was stripped naked
from the shroud which embrace me, jaded
Love never froze, the fire of love ablazed
within me still kindled, breathing, inflamed

So cheers on your birthday, dear Ian, my boy
To another year full of divine mother’s love
#enabling me to live the truth with more employ
and faith you are watching from above

Love you forever – Mum

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