For Ian – June 2016

This is the second poem I wrote.  It was just before Ian’s birthday, first without him and looming very close, his first anniversary.

For Ian – June 2016

Spring and Summer – best
Seasons of the year
Yet this is my first
That is scaring me to death

Every moment, hour, day
Ticking minute, second by second,
I feeel you alongside me again
So close yet infinitely all beyond

I see your smiling face
Those teasing eyes radiate
I hear your laugh, come to embrace
Then all at once no more I say

I hear your voice
That chant, that call, I hear “Ma” once more,
The house is suddenly full of noise
I turn around, immediately it’s all gone.

Your Bedroom door I open square
Your scent flows past my nose
I look at the bed and you’re lying there
I open my eyes and it’s no more

As I walk down along the street
A figure so tall and broad my eyes do see
For a moment I think you’re right beside me
I turn around and others just walk away, by-pass me

But all so sure, I do have won,
My treassure deep inside me
The love I have for you my son,
which will live along beside me.

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