My husband and I, Noel and Carmen, have always preferred holiday homes when travelling abroad.

When the opportunity presented itself, we opted to buy a holiday home in Gozo for our quick getaway.

We got to learn from experience that it was best to buy a small house that had as many features as possible.  It is much larger than a hotel room, more spacious and brings out the characteristics of the island of Gozo.

We have included a small swimming pool so it's easy to freshen up with a dip in the hot Summer days.

We also installed a wood-burning stove for the colder days of winter to light up the living area with its warmth.

In the kitchen, there is a dishwasher, washing machine, electric oven, microwave, gas hob, toaster, electric kettle, and coffee maker.

There is also free wi-fi.

We have also opened our doors to the guests who opt to share our holiday home with us.