Me and my hubby – 46 years knowing each other….

This morning a post on facebook drew my attention, from my dearest husband Noel, 46 years since he laid eyes on me. So it’s 46 years knowing my dearest companion of life, Noel. He is nowhere like me, the complete negative, me the extrovert open book and he, withdrawn with the least words possible and so such a loving post like this is valued twice over.

He shared the post he did 3 years ago in 2018:

And now it’s 46 years… . Love you always ❤️❤️❤️

July 2018  · Dear Carmen Cachia, when they say time flies, it really does … this day 43 years agooooooo…. I set eyes on you for the very first time …. Love u always 💜💜💜

How sweet is that <3

I always admire my husband for being so composed not like me. Yet I cannot carry the bomb of emotions inside of me.

Yes laid his eyes on me…..

So 5th July, my mum and dad rarely went out without their daughters but being my sis was around 18 years of age, they decided to go to the annual trade fair and that was a feast for my adventurous sis. Here we were with a quite a length of time alone haha.

Hope, sis, you do not chase me for this…

But we are over 60 now and at that time it was so different from now. She urged me to dress up so we go to a disco party in Birzebbuga. I had two options either stay home alone or go with her. I was used for my older sis to grab my hands and take me where she planned to go. If I was an only child, uh my life would have been so boring as I always opted for a steady rhythmitic lifestyle.

So big sis reassuring me that by 10 pm I will be home before my parents arrived, we headed to the disco party in Birzebbuga. Yes, haha I did wear a tight T-shirt and that’s the main reason my hubby set his eyes on me 🙂

Of course, I did fancy this thin dark tall guy. I had read a lot of Barbara Cartland Mills and Boon Stories, all following the same description of milk white skinned petite lovely ladies going for these tall dark guys. So seeing my hubby made my dreams come true, even if I was far off from the ladies described in these stories.

I knew from the start that he was the one for me, everything around him spelled eternity. The more I got to know him the more I got attracted. I had promised myself to remain unattached because I had such a loving family that eventually I had to deal with the pain when they no longer walked with me this life and I could not add more to this pain by becoming attached to someone and eventually having a family. I kept him running after me for 2 years 🙂 At the age of 18 years we started going out and gave in to love.

Love is so beautiful but it is as much painful. The more you love the deeper is the pain. Yet love has a different dimension to the flow of life that we live. It can change but does not end if a loved one is not physically present especially if it is a part of you.

The beauty of love is sharing the difficulties and happiness with someone who lives with you and through love understands and sympathises with what you are feeling both in sorrow and also in the beautiful moments of life.

Each night I do smile as we kiss each other good night, even if it’s as dark as coal, pitch black, the good night kiss always falls on our lips, so many years together! xxxx

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