Priests to be charged with raping altar boy

Priests to be charged with raping altar boy – one also faced claims in Australia

So many kids with a broken life forever….. so painful

It is absolutely nauseating reading such news.  But this is a personal impulse and is nothing against the huge tragedy of such occurrences.

Basically, exposing kids to sex at an early stage in life is devastating. The kid is ripped off his innocence, the right to live his childhood playing with toys building his character for his future life.  Through such abnormal experiences they would feel not to fit with kids their age as their innocence is gone forever which pushes them to isolation.

Their perspective of love, the beauty of love is broken and their perspective of love is distorted. The fear and many times threatening endorses a false truth about the sex which should bond two persons with an intimate loving connection.

And then comes Religion.  Religion, many times translated through many that feel they are religiously superior with judgement of others and peer pressure.  Many hide behind this grandeur to use inferiors for their pleasure and satisfaction gliding the streets among humans as spiritual superiors whilst crushing many by instilling in them guilt and fear.

Kids grow up with a distorted picture of life, affecting them mentally and many, also, physically too.

Then these superiors judge those who resort to fatal addictions, who risk more for their life is felt less valuable, and treat them less then animals, kicking them to live out in the streets, in prison cells, lurid mental hospitals with the excuse that they chose to live this life.

Others growing up feel that there is no better future for them and resort to its termination.

On a positive note, times are getting better where these “saintly” people are losing their superiority and many abused are courageous enough to go through the process of putting the truth in broad daylight.  Also, it is also to be celebrate that many abused are strong to build a better future and turn their life to be worthy of living.

There is never right or wrong in life but love and fear.  Fear dies with the person but love survives forever.

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