Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020

Dear Ian,

Oh what a year!
I close my eyes and try
Imagine you’re here
Ha! Wide smile, I sigh

Free spirit as you!
How would you confine?
Better not here WHOO!
then make yourself in line

Restrictions, regulations
for us to know and do
to avoid infections
less deaths and pain come true

So incredible my dear
how things have suddenly changed
all of a sudden here
life’s turned around, so strange!

Routine’s been once again
disrupted, in total disarray
life’s always evolving, in vain,
can’t make it stand to stay

But, my heart keeps pounding achingly
each beat knocks deep exchanges
hammers of emptiness painstakingly
never ebbs, retreats or changes

My dear loving son
Another year dies nigh
Life changes for everyone
but mine stands still in awry

Cheers in heaven my dear
May you are better, unbound
As mother my feelings are clear
that you are now safe and sound

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