I am not alone

Today, I feel supreme.  At last I got to feel Ian in my dreams.

I have been praying every night but it has only been once that I recall a dream of Ian.  He was kneeling down with his uniform.  I know he is at peace beside me.

….no…..  I did have another dream of Ian.  I was walking past the Chapel of Saint Gregory in Zejtun.  This is where he is buried.  A priest came past and touched his head.  I know he is in good hands.

Last night, early in the morning I believe, I saw a black shadow but I felt it was Ian.  I woke up and I was angry that I did not get to see Ian.  I wondered what it meant but I did feel that the message was that he is near me.  I closed my eyes and, after a while, I had another dream.  I was sitting down watching what I felt was a game.  Noel, my husband was beside me.  A man came past and sat on my other side.  Noel knew him and he got up from near me and went to talk with this man.  However, I felt someone still was near me.  I looked and I got to see IAN beside me.  It was just a fleeting moment, a split of a second.  I saw him wearing his blue, red and white striped T-Shirt.  We never talked.  But all of a sudden the dream was gone as I was so pleased of myself that I got to see Ian and felt him beside me.

Yes, Ian is beside me.  Love you so much my dearest Ian.  xxx

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